Open Vivaldi with multiple tab in tab tiling mode

  • I'm setting up a kiosk station and would love to have two windows displayed side by side. Vivaldi's tab tiling feature is perfect for this, but I haven't found a way for tabs to automatically tile. For example, right now I have Vivaldi set to open to web pages on startup. These two pages open in two separate tabs. I can then select the two tabs and tile them next to each other. What I would love is for the tabs to automatically tile upon startup. Is that possible?


  • Moderator

    I have two pinned and tiled tabs (in a tab-stack) that open when I start Vivaldi. I use the Startup with Last Session setting.

    • Open the two tabs
    • Stack them
    • Tile them vertically
    • Pin them using a shortcut (e.g. Shift P) assigned in Settings, Keyboard, Tabs

    0_1518044564384_Tiled and Pinned Tab Stack.png

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Final 1.14.1077.40 (64-bit)


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