How to work the scheduled theme change properly?

  • The scheduled theme change does not work properly (sometimes it work normally) on the snapshot and formal version. I installed Vivaldi on my multiple machines, some PC work normally, but the other does not change the theme.
    I set 7:00-19;00 for Light (Dark for othe remaining hours), the Vivaldi shows Dark even at my current time(10:55 am)!!


    This problem occurs on the formal (14.x) and also snapshot (15.x) version.

    How can I set the scheduled theme change work normally.

  • If you just changed these settings, you should disable and reenable scheduled theming for the changes to take effect. If you have already done that it's probably a bug.

  • @luetage Yes I am having the same issue as well, it only started happening when I upgraded to "1.14.1077.45 (Stable channel) (64-bit)", not had this issue before.
    It is happening on all 3 PC's here running Win 10 x64 Home (latest stable), all with different CPU's and GPU's.
    My guess it is a bug as the first thing I did was "disable and re-enable" the scheduling and it seemed to work (went from night mode (dark) to day mode (light)) but I noticed later that when the time came to auto change it it didn't work.
    Hope they fix this soon as I really like this feature 🙂

  • @numbat Thanks for your comments.
    In my case, this problem arose in the 2 or 3 previous snapshot versions.
    I already posted this problem in Forum and News, but no developers replied this problem.
    For Vivaldi engineers, please look into this and fix as soon as possible.

  • I know that in the latest snapshots the themes will change if the browser is active at the scheduled time of change, but if it's inactive or closed the theme won't change when you next activate it.

  • @lonm Thanks for reply! But it also occurs in the formal release (14.x)!
    Is this the final spec or the temporary change?

  • @matsuda0707 This bug was present in the 1.14 snapshots as well. I hope it will be fixed soon. It must have been considered low priority by the devs compared to the security fixes that needed to be pushed out.

  • This problem has been fixed in the snapshot version (15.x) but still exists in the formal release (14.x in Windows and Mac).


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