Volume Mixer on Tabs

  • This is Windows Volume Mixer on Apps.
    alt text

    Same Volume Mixer Configuration only on Open Tabs in browser.

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    Agree +1

    Something like this:
    0_1535394829985_Volume control_tab.png

  • I think this is very hard to do. It is possible to mute tabs and chrome provides an api for this – but the simple fact is that the operating system controls the audio levels of input/output devices, and each application just has one sound level control in the internal mixer.

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    we have the dreams and THE TEAM have to do the bloody work ;)

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    @luetage It doesn't have to be. You are able to control the volume of media elements (like video/audio players) within the browser already. All you had to do would be to add some script that would change the volume of all media elements on a given page (tab). No need to mess with the audio devices or controls within the OS. I'm not saying that it's easy - I don't know that. All I'm saying is that I think it's possible and perhaps not so difficult.

    BTW. A golden shovel award goes to @CheVe11e_191 for digging up this old request... 😁

  • @pafflick I didn't explain myself very well. My point was that there is no chrome api for this, this means the Vivaldi devs would have to code it fresh – and that's far more work (and it's also harder) than being able to build up on existing chromium code.

    It's basically a request for Vivaldi to code a new internal mixer into the browser.

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    @luetage I just checked the Chrome Web Store and there are extensions that are capable of this already, although I tried one and it didn't work in Vivaldi. So, even though there might be no dedicated API for this, we know that this is, in fact, possible, and you can even find some code for this if you're lazy and don't want to write your own...

    I also wanted to stress the fact that there is no need to mess around with the system mixer or audio devices, which - for some reason - you've mixed into this in your previous post. 😜

  • @pafflick I included this for a very simple reason. It's not possible for Vivaldi to send an array of different channels with different volumes to the input of the operating system mixer – it has to be mixed internal. I read through the extension code you provided, and yeah, it seems like it controls the actual media on the page. The extension you link has problems as you pointed out. I checked it and it seems createMediaStreamSource isn't working – although muting all tabs from options naturally works. I tried another extension (Volume Master) some months ago and it doesn't work either on Vivaldi - it uses the exact same approach.

    Anyway, I still think it's harder than just muting tabs – and even for that feature we had to wait quite a while. And I don't know if Vivaldi would use such a workaround in the application, it seems kinda messy.

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    @luetage said in Volume Mixer on Tabs:

    It's not possible for Vivaldi to send an array of different channels with different volumes to the input of the operating system mixer

    Reading through the original request again, I'm not sure what the OP meant any more... 🤔 I was referring to the idea of an internal "mixer".

    I don't know how it works in Chrome, as I don't have it installed on my PC, but I checked Edge and it generates separate "entry" in the system's volume mixer for each tab with active audio, whereas in Vivaldi it's always one entry, even for separate windows (its title is derived from the currently active tab and it changes accordingly).

    So, there are two different approaches I suppose. Obviously, it's harder than muting tabs. I'm wondering which way would be easier (in general) to implement though: the internal mixer or separate channels for the system's volume mixer...

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