Vivaldi not saving passwords

  • Hi there,

    so I've had this problem for quite a while but now it is really annoying me 😕

    I've cleared all passwords, cache and cookies with Shift+Cmd+Del and now when I log on to sites I get asked if I want to save the password (sometimes I don't even get asked), I click yes but Vivaldi does not save the password. It used to work just fine but somehow it does not save any passwords anymore.

    I'm on MacOS 10.13.3 and Vivaldi 1.14.1077.45 (Stable channel) (64-Bit) I've also had this with 1.13.x

    Should I try a profile reset (if possible) or delete Vivaldi and reinstall it with a fresh profile? My Extensions are:

    Cookie AutoDelete
    uBlock Origin

    I've also looked at vivaldi://settings/passwords and it shows no saved passwords anymore.

  • I had this problem once too, quite long ago, and a profile reset fixed it. Worth a try. Just backup your old profile in case this isn't the fix.

  • Thanks for the reply, deleted my old profile and now it works again. Just hope I don't have to do this every 6 months...

  • Moderator

    @gixxa Did you run into this problem after either denying Vivaldi access to "Chrome Safe Storage" in your Keychain or the opposite... granting Vivaldi access after denying access to the Keychain for a period of time?


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