Assign Shortcuts to Individual Notes

  • Hi everyone. I usually spend my free time doing some patrolling on Wikipedia. I put some wikitext in the notes in order to avoid typing the same text every once in a while. I love this feature but I think it would be better if some of the notes could be pasted with a shortcut. I mean: I press ctrl+something and "{{vandalismo}}--~~~~" is automatically pasted. What do you think?
    Thanks in advance for your time 🙂

  • @holotaco If you get to know the keyboard Access keys, it is already very easy. To post my signature below:

    1. Menu key (between right Ctrl and right Windows key)
    2. I (for insert note)
    3. R (for Replies notes folder)
    4. S (for Signature)

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.15.1090.3 (64-bit)

  • @Pesala I'm sorry but I don't understand. I don't have the Menu key on my laptop keyboard. I can open the panel by pressing F4 (Fn+F4), select the note and then copy-paste it. Pretty good, but I think it would be even better if we can link a keyboard shortcut to a precise note. Just a suggestion, obviously not a priority 🙂

  • @holotaco Try the alternative to the menu key, which is Shift F10.

    This brings up the context menu, and should work on Laptops too.

  • @Pesala well I didn't get you were talking about the context menu, sorry. The problem it's not using keyboard instead of the mouse. The "problem" is the intricate combination of more than just a shortcut. I was thinking about a multi-clipboard system, with the standard dynamic clipboard to copy-paste using 'ctrl+c' - 'ctrl+v', and some static clipboards containing a text previously set by the user (one text for each one of these clipboards = notes). I hope this message is easier to understand. I'm sorry but it's difficult to me to explain it even in my mother language :c

  • @holotaco I think you may need a Clipboard Extension. I just don't see how keyboard shortcuts in Settings, Keyboard could be assigned to notes that by their very nature are likely to change dynamically.

  • Maybe rename/repost this feature request as

    "ability to assign shortcut keys to individual notes"

    which would convey your intention clearly, if I correctly understood. I would not guarantee great resonance, but that holds for many other feature requests and who knows, maybe the god of feature request selection chooses to shine on you 😉

  • @morg42 said in Shortcut to paste a note in a blink of an eye:

    Maybe rename/repost this feature request

    Agreed. Concise thread titles help a lot in getting the right attention. I left out "keys" because any command should be assignable to both keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures.


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