Vivaldi does not work with Bear or Devonthink Pro Extensions

  • Vivaldi does NOT work with Bear or Devonthink Pro Extensions—which work in Chrome Safari, Firefox & Opera
    Although Extension compatibility seems to be way down on the list of priorities of Vivaldi, the fact that I can NOT use these two workhorse Extensions (for Bear note taker and Devonthink Pro, database/PIM of the Gods) keeps me from using Vivaldi.

    The extensions for these two programs work in ALL my other browsers, as noted in the title. But when I attempt to use these with Vivaldi, I get errors that look something like this:

    This site can’t be reached
    The webpage at bear://x-callback-url/create?type=html&title=Falcon%20Heavy%20%7C%20SpaceX&text=When%20Falcon%20Heavy%20lifts%20off%20in%202018%2C%20it%20will%20be%20the%20most%20powerful%20operational%20rocket%20in%20the%20world%20by%20a%20factor%20of%20two.%20With%20the%20ability%20to%20lift%20into%20orbit%20nearly%2064%20metric%20tons%20(141%2C000%20lb)---a%20mass%20greater%20than%20a%20737%20jetliner%20loaded%20with%20passengers%2C%20crew%2C%20luggage%20and%20fuel--Falcon%20Heavy%20can%20lift%20more%20than%20twice%20the%20payload%20of%20the%20next%20closest%20operational%20vehicle%2C%20the%20Delta%20IV%20Heavy%2C%20at%20one-third%20the%20cost.%20Falcon%20Heavy%20draws%20upon%20the%20proven%20heritage%20and%20reliability%20of%20Falcon%209.& might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    If this is an easily fixable error, I would love to see it fixed soon. Until then, the great Vivaldi is a no go. Yeah, I use these Extensions that much.

    Steve Goodheart

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  • @mettarefuge said in Vivaldi does work with Bear or Devonthink Pro Extensions—which work in Chrome Safari, Firefox & Opera:


    Known problem and (according to @Gwen-Dragon ) a solution will be provided in the next 1.15 Snapshot.

  • @mettarefuge You say two times it DOES work, so where is the problem? The fact that you can use these, keeps you from using Vivaldi?????

    Edit: Visit the local forum of your choice, maybe you can make your case clear in one of these:

  • @luetage SORRY for typos: DOES NOT WORK...but surely the context showed that was my intent, that they weren't working and because of that, I won't use Vivaldi? :)

    ? Anyway, looks like a fix is coming in the 1.15 snapshot.

  • @mettarefuge The fix should now be available - in both Snapshot 1.15.1099.3 AND in Stable 1.14.1077.50

  • @tbgbe YES!!! Fixed, thank you, thank you, thank you!! Vivaldi is once again my "main man." MUCH appreciated.

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    @mettarefuge I changed the text in title and post now.

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