[Snapshot 1.15] Links clicked in Hangouts (extension) open in same view instead of new tab

  • I'm using the official Hangouts extension. Up until recently, links clicked in conversations opened in a new tab. For some reason, after one of the recent snapshot updates, links now open inside the (small) Hangouts window - navigating away from the chat - without a way to turn back to the chat other than closing the window and reopening it from its toolbar icon.

    Tested on Vivaldi Linux and Vivaldi Windows.

    On Chrome this works as expected and links in Hangouts open in new tabs.

    [modedit] Added useful Information about Snapshot in title

  • Moderator

    And does it work correctly in 1.14 Stable?
    If not in which version did it work before?

  • I tested vivaldi-stable 1.14.1077.45-1, 1.14.1077.41-1, 1.13.1008.44-1 (in that order) and it started working with the 1.13.

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