[1.15.1090.3] Blank speed-dial thumbnail previews - KDE Plasma 5.11.5

  • Hi, 1st thing: great browser, I got so sick of chrome's 'my 1st browser' look and Google's downward trend towards a Fisher Price Toys look in all they do that Vivaldi has reawakened my belief in the potential of mankind lol!!

    Anyway, I am on -snapshot 1.15.1090.3 and my speed-dial thumbnail previews are all black, it was the same on stable (1.14 and the previous 1.13). I have refreshed the thumbnails individually and with F5.

    I'm on Solus 3 KDE Plasma 5.11.5 (a previous install with Solus Budgie which is GTK based was fine for -stable 1.13). Any ideas? Thanks

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  • Hi, do you had "Custom Thumbnails" at some time?
    If yes try "Reset Custom Thumbnails" with RMB on thumbnail.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin I never used custom ones so right-click didn't say 'reset...' but it said 'select custom...'

  • @robgriff444 said in Blank start page thumbnails on KDE Plasma 5.11.5:

    my start page thumbnails are all black

    Hiya, welcome. Are these the default Vivaldi ones, in a virginal profile, or are these your personal ones, in a now-modified profile? If the latter, what happens if you temporarily revert to a clean/virginal* profile?

    * close V, rename /home/robgriff444/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default , restart V.

  • @steffie Hi, I did as you suggested and I got a clean & virgin Vivaldi, clicked on new tab and the thumbnails appeared correctly so I opened the 1st one, bookmarked it as [name]1, clicked new tab, right-clicked [name]1 and removed the custom thumbnail, then clicked the reload icon and it went black. Maybe I should have said previews are black - the thumbnails in the default speed-dial are fine. Sorry if that was confusing.

  • @robgriff444 said in Blank start page thumbnails on KDE Plasma 5.11.5:

    Maybe I should have said previews are black - the thumbnails in the default speed-dial are fine

    Oh, yes you did confuse me, i interpreted your OP to mean that the speeddial thumbnails were all black. If instead you meant that the tab previews are black, as now appears the case, then my initial suggestion was not very apt... albeit it does seem to indicate that even a clean profile exhibits the problem, meaning it's not some esoteric corruption of a file within your real profile.

    So, you do NOT see these?0_1517960146458_20180207_001.png

    I think you should edit your OP to rename the subject, to remove the confusion.

    Are all your flags set at default values? vivaldi://flags

    Maybe it's a problem with your GPU? What are the details?

  • OK I've changed the title.

    It's not the tab previews - they are fine. It's the speed-dial preview thumbnails in the start page. I imported my bookmarks and right-clicked my bookmark folder to set it as a speed-dial and they were all black from the start.

    I have just added a bookmark of a new page that I hadn't visited and it appeared correctly until I clicked refresh and it went black, it won't come back now. I have tried deleting some of my regular bookmarks and re-bookmarking them and they don't come up correctly at all so my 1st guess is something to do with cacheing?

    I went to chrome://flags and reset them to default (even though I haven't touched them) and restarted - no joy.

    My card is Nvidia 1050Ti, the only thing I have adjusted is Force Composition Pipleine to avoid tearing (and KDE is on xrender not openGL (and the problem was there on both), I am on drivers 390.25.

    Thanks for your help so far...

  • @robgriff444 Because i am stupid, your edited subject, & associated descriptive text, remains mildly ambiguous to me. As i'd rather not then go off on another tangent due to misunderstanding, could you pls supply a pic so i/we can see precisely what you see? Then the words cannot confuse any further...

    I use openGL 3.1 for my Compositor, coz i want all my eye-candy [XRender kills several things important for me], but you said that choice of backend made no difference for you, so that's apparently a dead-end.

    I removed my NVidia GPU card >a year ago due to constant graphics frustrations, & for me all has been great in that department since reverting merely to the onboard integrated Intel GPU:

    My current thinking, based on the info so far, tends towards suspecting some problem / incompatibility with your NVidia GPU... albeit if true that does not pragmatically help you.
    Before i bow out so that some less clueless user can help you, could you pls try setting this setting to opposite of whatever it is for you now?
    Relaunch V afterwards.

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  • Thanks @steffie I've disabled hardware acceleration and it works now, although it 'seems' that video playback isn't as good so the solution isn't ideal. In your experience is this likely to be a poorly implemented new driver which will likely get fixed in a driver update?

    And i use xrender in order that the Plasma panel is transparent, nothing else.

    Also, I have my tabs on the left and when I open a new tab, it shows a preview, except for Start Page (which is set to Speed-dial) and bookmarks. This seems strange because all websites work correctly in a preview mode in the tabs (and if I hover on pinned tabs), it's only the Vivaldi internal pages.

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    May be bad driver + internal Chromium code.
    Try override GPU blacklist in Vivaldi.
    Open vivaldi://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist
    Set to Enabled
    Restart Vivaldi

  • @gwen-dragon I tried that thanks but no joy.

  • @robgriff444 said in [snapshot 1.15.1090.3] Blank speed-dial thumbnail previews - KDE Plasma 5.11.5:

    In your experience is this likely to be a poorly implemented new driver

    I would not trust my experience as far as i could kick it, but my uneducated guess is that an alternative driver might well help... albeit how to obtain such driver is beyond my wit, sorry.

    My card is Nvidia 1050Ti

    Are you a gamer? If not, is there some other compelling reason that you "have" to use the dedicated NVidia GPU, rather than just the integrated graphics? Is there a way that you could at least temporarily test your system w/o the NVidia? I realise that might sound weird, or even anathema to many people, but at least on my "experience" [ha, that word again] as a dedicated non-gamer, my Tower's integrated Intel graphics does a fine job with all my [many] Plasma KWin Desktop Effects, & everything i do all day & night in V, including lots of Netflixing, all my V previews & thumbnails of course, all other HTML5 streaming i do, & all the flash streaming i do.

    I have my tabs on the left and when I open a new tab, it shows a preview, except for Start Page (which is set to Speed-dial)

    I like my tab bar at the top, but just now i tested it on the LHS. My speeddial tab preview works fine there, as well as at top.

  • @steffie Yes I play games on Steam and with wine sometimes so that's why I bought the Nvidia card and use the proprietary driver, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that a newer Nvidia driver may sort it.

    I'm trying it now with HA disabled because I have a Ryzen 1300X which is easily fast enough for videos I watch so I'll just have to monitor temperature for a day or so...

  • I know this is quite an old thread, but is there a solution for blank thumbnails as this just happened to me on Ubuntu 18.04.

    [0_1525527001917_Screenshot from 2018-05-05 21-25-43.jpg

  • I have the exact same problem on Ubuntu 18.04, also the capture utility has the same effect: All saved images are black too. I filed a bug report just to be sure as I see there is no solution yet..

  • Still same problem here (and quite a time now over multiple version upgrades):

    Vivaldi 1.15.1147.42 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    Linux 4.16.13-1-ARCH
    KDE Plasam 5.12.5
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
    NVIDIA Driver 396.24
    X.Org 11.0

    And I don't have a hardware acceleration switch in the settings.

  • For the people who still face this issue I hope this helps!

    In vivaldi://flags:
    Set #disable-software-rasterizer to Disabled
    Restart Vivaldi and reload the thumbnails.

  • @pietropizzi
    Hi, do you use:

    If you use Vivaldi://settings it may not appear.

    CHeers, mib

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