[BUG] Interface all screwed up

  • I used Vivaldi as usual. Then I did something (mouse gesture, key combo, I don't know) and all my tabs went away and I got a weird Vivaldi interface. I restarted Vivaldi but... to no avail. It's hard to describe, so take a look at how it looks right now:
    alt text
    As you can see I have an address bar - but I cannot type into it!
    I used the settings URL as startup parameter and Vivaldi opened it properly but only a small fraction is visible. I did use the "reset settings" command but to no avail.
    I tried starting without extensions but that didn't help either.
    I did rename my user data folder and that helps but I don't want to lose all my bookmarks, settings, etc. plus I want to know what's going on.

    Any idea?

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    @thewizardofdos You don't have to rename the entire User Data folder - just the Default folder within it.

    Then, you can move your bookmarks, login data, cookies, history, extensions, possibly even session data from the re-named folder to the new one that Vivaldi creates when you re-start it.

    I've never seen anything like what you managed to create, and have no idea what might have caused it. But when you have an easy fix like refreshing your profile, I don't really know why you wouldn't do it.

  • Thanks for the information.
    At first I copied all files (not folders) from my "broken" default folder to the clean one - result was the same screwed up interface.
    Then I copied only a few files and started Vivaldi after each batch. Thus, I ended up succesfully copying all files (which I don't understand either). The only thing I lost was my opened tabs (no idea where those are stored) but I guess I have to live with that. At least Vivaldi is working again.

  • This looks like vertical tabs that were open wide enough to make the page small, but then the tabs disappeared and the page didn't update. How very odd.

  • FYI, I found out the culprit. It was the "Current Session" file. If I copy it over my currently (working) setup then I get the exact same issue again. I could forward it to the devs if it helps.

  • @thewizardofdos Report the problem with vivaldi.com/bugreport describing the problem, and specifying your email.
    Then wait for the JIRA mail which confirms your report is received, and reply to add the zipped file. It's a longshot but it may help in finding a way to avoid future corruptions.

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