What is Vivaldi's take on new built in Chrome Ad-Block

  • Since this applies to all versions of Vivaldi, I was keen to know whether Vivaldi can block the "code" for ad blocking.

    This is because Google's action is undemocratic for the web. It will force everything according to the way it wants. I had not reacted to what AdBlock Plus did with its acceptable ads initiative, but this will force out the independent developers.

    We look up to Vivaldi to take a stand on this; let the users decide.

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    Google owned program parts can not be a built-in for Vivaldi.

  • Chrome + Vivaldi are both Chromium based. Vivaldi isn't Chrome based. The changes Google applies to Chrome are not applied to Vivaldi.

  • I profoundly disagree with any browser doing this by default. If you don't want ads, just install uBlock Origin or a similar extension. But this should be the users' choice. A browser should do the job of displaying content and render HTML exactly as the web server sent it. It is morally wrong to intercept and manipulate data from a browsers standpoint view.

    Also, don't even think Google is doing this because of they have users best interested in mind. Not at all, they are trying to avoid people from installing Ad blocker as they are on the rise and assume that by having a default ad blocker people will not install one. Not strange at all, that Google as an advertising company is not blocking their own ads. They want to stop people from using third party blockers that they don't control. It's about controlling the platform and users. This is why they even launched Chrome in the first place.

    Here is an excellent article on this subject I suggest reading:

  • New Opera has had an ad-blocker for years; they also use it to block those coin mining scripts. Since it is not an extension the blocking occurs sooner in the loading process and thus is supposed to make page loading faster (according to them - I haven't timed it) ,,, and yes, you can easily turn it off or on. So maybe Google is noticing.


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