Custom Search Engine using "POST"

  • Cannot add search engine using 'POST'
    Steps to reproduce:
    We can create custom searches on sites that use "GET".
    We can not create custom searches on sites that use "POST"
    Summary: Cannot add search engine using 'POST'
    Key: VB-30716

  • How can you "not add" these? I have a checkbox for this option....?


    Has been working here since... a long time ago.
    Anyway, if this doesn't work for you, this should be a bug report, not a feature request, as the feature seems to be there...

  • @morg42 Maybe, the OP is about adding a search engine from that search engine's homepage: when you right-click in search field, the «add as a search engine» item doesn't appear in the context menu (e.g. Searx).

  • @hlehyaric That might be so. On I don't get a prompt to "add this as search engine", so it doesn't even matter if POST or GET ist used.

    To add/change a search engine specifically to POST (which is what the OP asked for), you just tick the box.

    If "creating search engine from form field" doesn't work - maybe better change the topic title. I remember some discussion about this and a remark from a team member that on some sites this just doesn't work... I can't say why, though.

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