Choose and order top items in context menus, tab menu especially

  • I never right click a tab to open a new tab. I do right click a tab to mute it or to close it (my tabs are too small for the close button), or to un-close, which is so far down I probably might as well just mouse to the trash can instead. We should get to have the things we really use up at the top of the tab context menu, so let us pick and order some "above the bar" items which get listed ahead of the standard menu.

    This would ideally be applied in general, giving all context menus a user configurable prefix, but I find the tab context menu draws a lot more mouse attention, so that would be my suggestion for where to start.

  • @lonm That's a far more general request, and much less likely to happen, but thanks for the link.

  • While I agree to your request (never saw the tab context menu before.. hehe), general editing of menus was common in Opera and will as such be missed by a lot of carried-over users. I really hope this comes back some day 😉

  • @morg42 Sure, I'm voting for both versions of the suggestion, obviously.

    There are substantial down-sides to fully editable/orderable menus, though. Predictable, standard menus with customizable quick-access stubs is much more difficult to fault.

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    @tyrianmollusk said in Choose and order items in top of the tab context menu:

    much less likely to happen

    I don't think so. If they have to write the code to edit only one menu it won't take any more to enable it for all menus.

    The general request is more likely to happen, because it is useful to more users — not only to those who wish to edit the Tab Context menu, but also those who wish to edit the Link Context menu, the Page context menu, etc.

  • @pesala It was an existing feature in Opera, so if they wanted it, they could have done it. More importantly, though, as I said, there are significant downsides to full user customization. It's a headache for support, generates complaints, makes the browser impenetrable to someone else at the station (which is inconvenient, makes a bad impression, and really annoys local tech support which can drop you right out of even being an option in professional environments), makes adding new items/features to menus very messy, is brittle for code updates, and on and on.

    Maybe they'll do it, maybe they won't, but it's probably not a technical issue nearly as much as a choice.

    Whereas a user-controlled prefix stub has zero downsides. It makes no one unhappy and is simple to do (yes, managing full user config/ordering for all the menus in the system is more work and code to do).

    I'll edit my initial post, though, to make it clear this would be good for context menus in general. I thought we were supposed to suggest narrow, targeted features.

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    @tyrianmollusk The fact that it is an existing feature in Old Opera is irrelevant. The GUI in Vivaldi does not use *.ini files and had to be recreated from scratch. The could have done it, but it would take weeks of coding to provide a GUI to make editing easy. We never got that for menus in Opera — only for Toolbars and Shortcuts.

    Vivaldi do not provide support. The community does. My Opera users were amazing at providing skin tweaks and custom buttons to satisfy almost any user request. You only have to look at the Modding Forum to see that Vivaldi users are doing the same.

    I have edited my Opera menus extensively. These are the Tab Context Menus:

    Original Menu

    0_1517856346244_Opera Context Menu.png

    Customised Menu

    0_1517856384085_Customised Opera Tab Menu.png

  • @pesala Maybe this enthusiasm you have would be better spent in the thread for fully customizable menus? This feature request is about adding customizable stubs to the tops of only context menus, keeping the rest of the menus standardized.

    I can't say whether the Vivaldi devs have chosen not to implement the full customization they obviously know was a feature back with Opera or whether they have merely chosen not to implement it yet, but I think I have explained adequately why I see full customization as less likely and suggest this feature as another option.


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