A new kind of bookmark that actively saves your place in browsing

  • Web browser bookmarks are like call numbers in a library: they get you the book you had, but they are not at all your place in the book. Maybe Vivaldi can finally be the browser to give us real bookmarks.

    All we need is a special bookmark that stores a tab and its state instead of a simple URL. Going to the bookmark would open a tab with the saved state loaded. Using the (most recently opened) tab would update the saved state along with the tab (or, simpler but less user friendly, closing the tab would store its state in the bookmark).

    Basically, wherever I go with that tab, the next time I go to that bookmark, it continues right from there. I don't need to keep a tab open in my bar just to be able to go back to it, or to hold the tab as a placeholder for an incomplete task. This is what a real bookmark actually does for us.

    For a simple use case, imagine a user reading a web comic. They open their tab-bookmark, read a few pages (changing the URL), and close the tab. Later, they open their tab-bookmark again, seeing their place just as they left it, and continue reading.

    Additionally, a smart implementation would include a setting for the tab-bookmark that disconnects it from the saved state if you leave the site, preferably with a warning/confirmation popup that includes a set of "don't ask again for this tab/session/bookmark" options. That way, you have fewer instances of people using the back menu to trace back to their proper place, just because they got distracted last time and went somewhere else with the special tab (and you subtly remind them the tab is special, without hassling intentional users).

    Ideally, I'd love the bookmark to cache the page it's on as well as just storing enough data to reload its state, so I can really go back to it, even if the source moved or died.

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    @tyrianmollusk This can already be done with Sessions. You can save the current window as a session, or all windows.. the zoom level of each tab and the scroll position is saved in the session. Open and Save sessions can be found on the File menu.

    0_1517834081386_Save Session.png

    To save pages that may go offline, save them locally first using File, Save Page As.. then include that saved page in the session instead of the online page.

  • @pesala I've had a look at that feature and from some quick experiments it does not do what I am suggesting at all, and trying to use it for that is extremely clunky. You can't even get a list of existing saved sessions to update your state.

    Please don't confuse my feature request saying irrelevant things already do the job.


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