Open Items from History List in Background

  • In every browser you can open items from your history list in the background/new tab by right clicking the back button to show the history list and then middle click an item from the history list.

    I think this is a very usefull feature since sometimes you will want to compare something you've seen before with your currently opened tab.

  • @raystanz you can do that both from the History Tab and from the History Panel (Ctrl+H and Ctrl+Shift+H, and more, including mouse). I use the Panel very much like in your use case.

  • @rkzn Yes, but you should be able to do it by middle-clicking on the history popup, because if you are using middle-click to open a tab, that should be what it does middle-clicking on anything that goes somewhere.

    The whole point of middle-clicking to open tabs is short-cutting other processes into a single click.

  • @rkzn I didn't notice the history panel yet thanks for that. I still think middle clicking would be more conveniont though. I have my panel closed most of the time and only open it when I'm organizing tabs or entering notices meaning it will stay opened for a longer time.

  • And I heven't noticed the specific request to normalize the use of middle-click (because I rarely do that, I usually do Ctrl-Click), so thanks for reminding me of that :-)

  • Missing feature I use sometimes on the other browsers. The history panel mixes all the tabs' history, not so accurate and quick, it is not a perfect solution.

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    Ctrl+Click on the item in the history list should also work for those who do not have a middle-mouse button.

  • This post is deleted!

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