[1.14 Stable] Solved problems are back

  • Well, that was short lived. The two problems that 1.14 solved for me are back.

    1. Private window opened from V icon (upper left) or mouse gesture is opened restored down. It opened full-sized for the first few days of 1.14 but has reverted to restored down. I made no changes to Vivaldi in the meantime.

    2. Videos on MSNBC do not play. I got them playing in 1.13 but now not playing. I only watch one thing there but I can also watch it on Youtube.

  • Moderator

    I can not reproduce your issues on Windows 10 x64.
    May be you have a different OS, may be some information about your OS is missing for me.

  • Well, the window size thing is working ok again. It seems to be a random thing although it never worked for me in 1.13.
    I note that others have had the same problems with MSNBC. I will try to set up a new profile and see if that works. It did the last time even though I put everything from the old profile into the new.

    Windows 10/64 latest update


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