[Bug] Window Rectangle Size Incorrect

  • The bug is that Vivaldi window frame is bigger than the size being reported. See the picture where I show that the Opera window is at (x,y,w,h) 186,0,1740,1046. That dialog box also shows that the Vivaldi window is reportedly at the exact same position. If you look at the positions of the window edges, you can see that the one in back (Vivaldi) is bigger than the one in front (Opera). The difference is about 7 or 8 pixels. So Vivaldi is actually at about x178 and w1748 and h1054.

    I wrote a program nearly twenty years ago that resizes a window on Windows. It uses the SetWindowPos function in the Win32 API, and I use GetWindowRect to get the size of the window rectangle. When I use this program on Vivaldi, the window does get repositioned using the values I pass it - (x,y,w,h) 186,0,1740,1046, and it does report that its rectangle is at the correct x,y location and has the correct h,w dimensions. However, the actual window size on the screen is clearly slightly bigger.

    Image showing back window (Vivaldi) bigger than front window (Opera), even though both are reported to be the same size and position.0_1517806322986_vivalzi_window_size_issue.png

    Please fix soon. Really like V so far. Inching away from Opera.

    PS. This issue might be related to https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/5723/maximised-window-size-larger-than-screen

    PPS. This is not a "window doesn't open in same place as last time" issue.

  • from OP

    Just found "Use Native Window" setting under appearance. Selecting this seems to correct the larger than reported window rectangle issue. Guess I'll leave this set. However, bug on "non-Native" window size remains.


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    @sbd001 Submit a Bug Report

  • @pesala Done, thanks.


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