Option to Autohide Bookmarks Bar

  • There is a hack to do this via custom CSS, but it's far from optimal.

    This feature should have some smarts, such as whether it triggers when the mouse is over the address bar but not when it's over the navigation buttons, or vice-versa. Also, perhaps some timing options (how quickly the bar displays, and how long you have to hover for it to appear).

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    @rseiler said in The option for an Auto-hiding bookmark bar:

    There is a hack to do this via custom CSS

    Using Custom CSS is not a hack. If this was implemented as a feature it would also use CSS.

    In my opinion, due to the proximity of the Bookmarks Bar to the Address Bar in its normal position this is never going to work well. The Bookmarks Bar is either going to show up when it's not wanted or be too slow to appear. A single-key shortcut like "b" or a mouse gesture is much better.

  • @pesala A mouse gesture for this would be weird, when the "gesture" should merely be moving where the bookmark bar will be. Anyway, that's a separate thing from this request.

    I think it can work well--this isn't rocket science. Check out how Cent does it, for instance (and I doubt that was all done with CSS).

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