Strange behavior: clicking on ANY link ALWAYS opens new tab

  • Using stable 1.14.1077.41 - 32bit linux


    I have open in a tab. I click on a link on the page and it opens the link in a new tab. This means I constantly have to close tabs 'behind me' or I will have 46739829 open tabs at the end of every session. I can't find anything in the settings about this and Google turns up no useful results.

    I hope some of you who aren't too busy closing Vivaldi tabs can help;)


  • Moderator

    I do not remember there is a Vivaldi setting to always open a link of a webpage in new tab.
    Left mouse button (LMB) click opens in current tab. Only with Shift or Ctrl+MB new tabs are opened.

    Have you installed extensions?
    May cause this.

  • Many users complain that there IS NOT an option to open links always on new tabs in Vivaldi, it's most likely, like Gwen said, you're using an extension that does so, or, on that particular site you have not specified, all links are forced to be opened with target=β€œ_blank”

  • PS: Aha! I disabled all extensions, restarted the browser and re-enabled extensions one at a time. It was the Scriptsafe extension. Seems it has it's own setting for opening links.

    So, fixed! That's for pointing me in the right direction. Hope this helps someone else later on with the same problem.

    Cheers and thanks!


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