When autocompleting typed addresses, complete root domain before subaddresses

  • Whenever I type a URL into the address bar, autocomplete based on history invariably completes to a subpage of a URL instead of the root domain. Typically I want to go to the root domain instead, but there is no good way to get just that portion of the URL. So if you have previously gone to http://foo.bar/wiki/somepage.html, I'd like the auto complete to suggest http://foo.bar/ first then, if I type more, continue expanding it.

  • Dear God, I second this complaint. This behavior is weirdly annoying. If there's a workaround, I'd be interested for sure.

  • Having a key (typically Tab) to skip to the next chunk in the suggestion would do a lot for this kind of thing.

  • Not exactly the same thing, but I'd not only second this request, but also add that autocomplete should ignore the protocol I use in order to access a page.

    Example: If I type "h" I always see a big list of completely random suggestions, only because I access them via http. Providing an option to exclude the protocol in use from autocompletion would be very neat. In most cases this should be http or https anyway.

  • Improvement: only fill in the non-ambigous part for multiple matches.
    If you ever visited the top level page for a domain this would automatically be the first match (includes the requested feature).
    Going to the end of suggested urls is already done via standard End key.

    Example input and url match:
    f o rhttps://forum. (multiple forum sites in bookmarks/history)
    End vhttps://forum.vivaldi.com/ (vivaldi forum, top level)
    End thttps://forum.vivaldi.com/topic/ (vivaldi forum topics)
    End 2 4select entry via cursor keys

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