Allow PNG SVG for Themes, Toolbars, Tab Bar, and Panels

  • Allow to pick custom png/svg to theme toolbar area for near UI elements.
    This will reduce modding amount :P
    SVG is better as can follow UI theme (which is better for patterns) while png with alpha transparency is better for images (even this can follow theme settings).


    Note: Just in case you're wondering why footer is there xD
    Note2: Colours, shades, images (including custom buttons) and some sizes seen in the example are actually mods.
    Note3: Some areas are intentionally unthemed (actually the skin is behind them) for better results - so skins/themes colors shouldn't make unreadable any text or button ever.
    Note4: Background image around menubar text is bad. Was fixed in newer custom.css :P
    Note5: This could be extended to other areas (like I did for tabbar/panels xD) but as colorizations are different better do it step by step xD

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    Also useful for Speed Dial Thumbnails.

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