Autohiding the Web Panel Toolbar

  • An option should let the user to hide the horizontal title bar of any web panel (the bar where there is the navigation button of the web panel). Their icon is enough to identify them. The title don't totally disappear, you can show it again sliding the mouse to the top of the web panel. I wonder if this solution could even allows to a larger title with more buttons.

  • Moderator

    @seasonly Right-click on the Web Panel icon, Toolbar, Hide.

    Is that enough for you, or do you need to have autohide?

    See the Modding Forum and ask for possible solutions there.

  • A option should indeed allows also to autohide this title bar : not modding vivaldi, but here in the common version. Hidding this toolbar is a way to get larger place for the page. You don't need to get remember the title all the time. But when you want to get access to navigation buttons (and others would possibly appear in the future), you don't want to click and click again to get this. That's why autohidding is a good compromise : a larger place for the page, an interface discreet, and a quick and easy access to the basic functions of the panel.

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