Open History and Bookmark Tabs from the History and Bookmark Panels

  • If you don't use speed dial, you may don't know that Vivaldi offers more developed and precise bookmark and history managers.

    A link should be in the web panel to the full versions.

  • I edited your thread title to make it clearer.

    I agree. If one right-clicks on other Web Panel icons, there is an option to show the desktop version or open the panel in a tab.

    There should be similar right-click options to open the Bookmarks Tab from the Bookmarks Panel icon, and to open the History Tab from the History Panel icon.

    There is also a dedicated page for Downloads: vivaldi://downloads.

  • Thanks for the title. If a right-click could be a solution, I've had in mind rather to a true hyperlink near the title or even the title itself hyperlinked. The first idea is to suggest to every user that a desktop version exists and that he should get to it. The vivaldi historic is quite good, it would be a lack to not use it.

  • Middle-click on panel icon can open 'em in tab.

  • @dude99 Middle-click is not a good choice as some users do not have a middle-mouse button. Shift+Click might be more appropriate as that's the shortcut to open a link in a new tab.

  • Yeah, maybe it can be improve for touch screen too.

    I discover it by accident, when middle click on bookmark & missed the item then hit the bookmark button instead... ha!

  • Middle click as Shift-click don't show that a link exists. If you don't know, you never know it. The link should be visible. Maybe a link beside the title like "plus" or "+" or an arrow could remember to everyone that you can developp the web panel. In that case, the middle button over the title appears to me a quick solution, a shortcut which needn't to be specially learnt by the beginner and remembered by the others.


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