Possibility to search and open bookmark just by keyboard

  • My biggest dream about browser is possibility to start searching in bookmarks by one keyboard shortcut, then found the right item and open it just by keyboard.
    The same way how Windows start menu works.
    You just press Windows keyboard, start typing few letters from item what you searching for and then, choose right one by pressing arrows up/down and press enter and you are on the page.
    This was possible on the original Opera too and here it is too complicated.

    I can press F6 to open Bookmarks panel. But I can't directly start typing to search. Or I can press ctrl+b, it open full-screen bookmark (I prefer side panel) search box has focus, I can search, but then it is impossible to choose right one item (by keyboard only).

    Thank you for great job!

  • @tprochazka Press F2 and start typing.

  • Thanks! It's really good, it's like spotlight. It is a little bit hard to recognize context of the bookmark, because if you are searching bookmarks panels you can all the time seen in which folder result is. So if you have multiple bookmarks with the same name in multiple folders, you always know which one it is and here not. But for most of cases F2 is great.

  • This is similar to my request for the Bookmarks Bar

    Using the Bookmarks Tab it seems to be impossible using just the keyboard.

    Using the Bookmarks Panel it is possible, but tricky:

    1. Use your shortcut to open the Bookmarks Panel (F6 or whatever)
    2. Shift+Tab to focus the Search field
    3. Type the search string or Nick Name to find your bookmark
    4. Press Tab to focus the bookmarks list
    5. Down cursor to focus the found bookmark
    6. Enter or Shift+Enter to open the Bookmark

    Way too difficult, but not impossible.


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