Broken? Bug? Paste as plain text hotkey

  • Does this not work for you either?

    alt text

    I even closed Vivaldi and double-checked Task Manager to make sure nothing was running. Maybe I need to restart my PC, format my PC or just reinstall Vivaldi.


    alt text

  • I have assigned the shortcut as alt-shift-V and it works, it pastes the clipboard content in this text box, even if I don't understand what's the difference with normal shift-ins or ctrl-V.
    For me ctrl-shift-V is assigned to Paste and Go

  • Yes, the default Paste and Go shortcut was also set for me, but I removed it. I use CTRL + Enter to "paste and go" mostly. So that shortcut is not relevant for me...

    • Rich Paste Text = paste style with text (bold, font size and family, etc..)
    • Plain Paste Text = exclude style, paste text only

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