Organising Downloads: Quickly Choose Folders for Saving

  • Hi,

    I would like to have a download view when a download is about to begin, which shows the subdirectories of the defined default download directory.
    Maybe an option to hide a subdir, but not to delete it from disk. Also when a subdirectory has subdirectories itself it would be a good thing to show this visually and maybe add an subpart of the directory button in this view to enter such a directory and choose a folder from within.

    Replace the default download dialog with a custom "save as" dialog, which just provides choosing the target directory. (enable/disable with option in settings & maybe customizeable)

    If you have further questions how I am imagining this, just ask.

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    @qwc I don't understand what is wrong with the existing Save As.. option that is available unless you have checked "Always Use default Download Locations" in Settings, Downloads.

    0_1517692842227_Save Download As.png

  • Time saving, as you don't have to do the extra mouse move + click on save as, and you dont have to click yourself through the visually not very much appealing standard system save as dialog (slightly customized by vivaldi of course)

    To be honest, this feature request is far away from high priority, it was just a spontaneous idea, when i was downloading a lot of different things lately...

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    @qwc If you're downloading different file types — videos, PDF files, images, MP3 files, etc., the way to organise your downloads is by defining MIME types.

    I don't do a lot of downloading, but that is something I found very useful in Opera 12.18.

  • Would be an option to divide the downloads by file type, but still my personal project context, or whatever context there is, is still missing.

    Back in the days of my Firefox usage I used "DownThemAll!" which was quite neat to use, also when you want to download all file links on a website, would like to see something like that too, but that could be done also with an addon. But that addon still bugged me a bit when pushing everything in the same dir. I would like to have something similar to the "one-click download" of this Firefox addon, just with a nice view of choosable download "topics", which could be easily realised through subdirectories.

  • Listary Free or Listary Pro ->

  • @cgt Far away from something I was looking for, and only for windows, which is not to my liking.
    Using Linux everywhere.


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