Option for Bookmarks Bar Folder to Stay Open after Opening a Bookmark

  • Bookmark bar enhancement: When opening a bookmark in a bookmark folder, the bookmark folder is getting closed. Would be great if it would stay open, so it would be possible to open more bookmarks at once.

  • This is, sadly, a feature that annoys some users no matter which direction the browser goes implementing it. Maybe add a setting so users can pick the default behavior they want.

    Although, if after being used once, the popup went away as soon as the pointer left it, you might make both groups sufficiently content.

  • It is easy enough to use the Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks Tab if you want to open several links at once.

    I am not saying that it should not be implemented, just warning you that it may not happen for years (the Bookmarks Bar needs a lot of work to bring it up to scratch), so better get used to other methods while you're waiting.

    0_1517842587640_Open Multiple Bookmarks.png

  • Missing bookmark bar features like the one above are preventing me from switching to Vivaldi for a while now. But honestly I don't hold my breath and am not in a hurry anymore, cause Firefox is my primary browser since a couple of years now and has all the features I want without the need of add-ons. Can't hurt to make feature requests for Vivaldi, though.

  • I agree with this feature.

  • The only method I found to keep bookmark open is adding a folder to it and hold the mouse button down till cursor arrow reaches that folder then release the mouse button. Bookmarks will stay open.


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