Typo Suggestions Should always be Available from the Context Menu

  • Typos are innevitable so just how your personal accountant helps minimize your taxes, and your clone provider helps minimize your downtime, so should your user agent help minimize your typos.

    Currently, the context menu invoked from the keyboard when editing misspelled words is not available when the cursor is before the first letter or after the last letter:

    This is often needed when going back to correct a misspelled word by using the Left arrow or Ctrl + Left arrow keys, then opening the context menu from the keyboard (Shift + F10 or the dedicated Menu key).

    The typo corrections are only available when invoking the context menu from inside the misspelled word (which gets selected before the menu appears):

    The issue is less apparent when using the mouse to fix typos, as it’s very unlikely to click at the edges of the word instead of the middle.

  • @dantesoft Might want to send this in as a bug report also, if you haven't done so.

  • I've also found this issue a few times before but didn't quite get what was going on or what the problem really was.
    A fix would be nice indeed.

  • The problem in the first post was where the user clicked. He was actually just below the word (judging by the position the menu appeared) - since he wasn't actually on the word it didn't know he wanted to edit it. Would be nice if they included a little space around the word - especially the actual highlight.

  • Moderator

    @sgunhouse The OP was talking about keyboard use only. If one uses Ctrl+Left/Right to navigate text, the cursor is always at the beginning of the word, not inside it. The context menu invoked from the keyboard does not show the suggestions.


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