Fields for Individual Search Engines in the Bookmarks Bar

  • Enable search fields for individual search engines as separate fields in the "Bookmarks Bar" (incl. "search in current page") this way you dont have to open a drop down every time you want to search with an engine other than your standard search engine. 0_1517649523802_5a608b3d-8f08-4784-8012-475b680f1d5c-image.png

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Isn't similar to adding another toolbar?
    Just asking. I'm thinking very seriously about doing away with my bookmarks bar.
    Going for a more minimalist look.

  • Moderator

    @para-noid With wide screen monitors there may be room for more fields on the Address Bar, but it depends on how many extensions users have.

    I have always used the Address Bar search with nicknames, which I find more flexible without taking any space.

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