Any ETA for Chromium 66 codebase inside Vivaldi?

  • Current 1.14 vivaldi Chromium Codebase is: Chrome/64.0.3282.121
    Why is need Chromium 66 and where are problems?

    1.) There are tons of issues with integrated Intel HD 620 on different sites, which is solved in Chromium 66, like:

    • freezing youtube video while switching tabs
    • blinking interface
    • blinking flashing black screen when webm video opened in a frame
    • blinking green flashing color on the whole browser screen when webm repeat to play itself, and many others

    All of these problems confirmed and fixed by Chromium team.
    But all of these bugs still exist in Vivaldi 1.14 which make impossible to use this browser on laptops with integrated Intel HD620 without hardware acceleration.

    Why is hardware acceleration is important?

    1. Reduce CPU loading (very greatly)
    2. Solve issues with 4k videos and lags
    3. And many many more (on different js-based 1-page sites)

    Without hardware acceleration everything is laggy, but only few bugs exists on Chromium 64 codebase.

    So, after all of these explanations here is the question: When Vivaldi will have Chromium 65 / 66 codebase inside? At which month / date, or any calendar release system over here?

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Moderator

    @desperand We will have Chromium 66 two versions hence. 1.15 will come out on 65, and 1.16 will come out on 66, barring complications.


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