Show Number of Unread Messages in Panels

  • Currently it shows, but it is not in real time as it happens in the tabs. Example

  • Yeah I noticed that too with whatsapp.web as web panel. It just initially loads the icon when I start the browser. Would be nice if it would be reloaded in some kind of interval at least.

  • I'm wondering why this isn't getting any attention. Without an unread count or some unread indicator, that means we would have to open up the web panel from time to time to check for unread messages. Or are people just fine opening the web panel repeatedly to check for unread messages?

  • I would like to use GMail or Facebook Messenger in web panels. Both services support web notifications. It should not be difficult to show the number of unread notifications on the related webpanel's favicon.

  • Recently joined to request same thing. Currently most of Web Panels I added have some active statuses, that's being displayed as a favicon: new mail arrived for email server, current month for calendar, playback state for online radio, IM new message notifications and so on. So at this state it's not possible to see these statuses by icons, without opening panels themselves. Really looking forward to see them being updated more frequently.

  • I'd love this, too. Some seem to work, but others don't.

  • Moderator

    I think improvements have been made in more recent versions. Does it work now? If not, are there any specific sites on which it is broken?

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