Open Subsequent Folders on Bookmarks Bar with Hover

  • After left-click on a folder on the bookmarks bar open other folders just by hovering them.

    Edit: The way it works now is even more annoying on linux distributions, where, after you open a folder, you have to click once to close the open folder and click again to open another.

    bookmarks folders

  • Very much +1!

    This would be a very comfortable feature, and also the way Firefox and Chrome handle it. I believe it's part of the UX guidelines for both Windows and macOS; all menus in applications using native UI frameworks behave that way (for example, compare to the system menu on Mac). It would lead to a more consistent user experience if Vivaldi handled it the same way.

    As another argument, it would also make things more consistent within Vivaldi itself, since in an opened toolbar folder, the subfolders already behave that way.

  • Trying Vivaldi. Otherwise seems good, but is this standard hover feature from Firefox and Chrome still not implemented, or am I missing some setting?

  • Moderator

    @julaak You're missing the fact that the Bookmarks Bar has been buggy ever since it was introduced. It did not come for free. The Vivaldi Team had to write the code for it. Fixing it would take more work than can be justified at the moment.

    If you use the Bookmarks Menu, you won't have this problem.

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