Command for Copy Page Address

  • Vivaldi allows to hide address bar if you want to have more vertical space. That is great!
    But there are two more functions needed (they both were in old Opera) for permanent browsing with hidden address bar:

    1/ Mouse gesture for "Copy Page Address" (it is in right-click menu now); it was called "Copy Document Address" in old Opera.

    2/ Open address bar dialog: "Quick commands"-like fuctionality but there will not be quick commands but address bar (press for example F2 -> write address to a field with full address bar functionality; default value is current address bar value -> press enter -> this dialog closes and you proceed to the given address).

    With those really simple improvements (mainly 1/ is simple and important) Vivaldi can be used with hidden address bar as good as with visible address bar (it is good to hide it because you do not need it most of the time; but it takes vertical space).

  • @urza The thread title is not descriptive. Command for Copy Page Address would be better. That would cover both Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Gestures.

    1. Right-click, Copy Page Address is already there
    2. In the latest Snapshot: Enter Fullscreen (F11) and focus the Address bar (F8 or Ctrl L) does what you want.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.15.1089.3 (64-bit)

  • I am sorry for bad thread title; how can I change it? I was added with the first post but its editting does not offer title change.

    1/ Yes, I am doing it like that but gesture is faster.
    2/ Thank you for your advice, I didn't know. However, again, pressing one key would be faster.

    I think that mainly the 1/ can be used in more situations and the implementation should be easy (probably)....

  • I think users can also edit their own thread titles.

    0_1517687358237_Edit Thread Title.png

  • I don't think I have this option.
    But thank you for doing it for me.

    I hope those changes will be implemented even if I see that you have a lot of other work to do.
    Vivaldi is really great browser and I am thankful to whole the project team! Great job.

  • Not only a mouse gesture but a keyboard shortcut for "Copy Page Address" would be nice!

  • @maxzilla That is what the request now asks for: A Command for Copy Page Address. A command can be used by both keyboard shortcuts, and mouse gestures.

  • @pesala Ahh, alright! Now I feel stupid. 😛

  • @maxzilla Don't; there is more of us who didn't understand.

  • For the point 2.

    You can look for Add ALT+D as a Default Hotkey for Focus Address Field, but I prefer using CTRL+Space as I suggested into Optional Minimalist Address Bar.

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