Just wrote my first blog, what happened to it ?

  • I just wrote my first blog and published it and now I cannot find it. My Blog Posts are empty, anyone had this problem before. I don´t want to write everything again.

  • By any chance, if you go up to the Dark Grey Toolbar there in your My Blog Posts area, is there a Red "1" indicator next to one of those icons?

    The 3rd icon from the left is for your Drafts. It's possible that somehow your post wound up being saved as a Draft instead of being published. With Vivaldi being in Beta status right now, that wouldn't be out of the question.

    A Tip for your future posts: Never compose them right there in a new post. Always write them elsewhere first, somewhere where you can periodically save them as you're composing them.

    I always compose my posts in MS Word Docs, saving them every paragraph along the way.

    This way when something goes wrong, you always have your post still intact somewhere outside of Vivaldi.

  • In fact, your post SHOULD be in your Drafts anyway because when you were working on it there in the post composing area of a new post, it should have been periodically automatically saved as a Draft by Vivaldi.

  • Nothing in drafts, as you can see. I have written two blogs, one is unpublished and one is published based on the button "Publish". As you can see in the screenshot there is nothing.

  • And nothing in drafts.

    I found the blog in my profile


  • Well, what I CAN say is that today Vivaldi has been VERY problematic, more than I had ever seen it be before.

    In one period there this morning, for several minutes, I just kept getting some full page error message that so & so server couldn't connect to who knows what. I think something about Cloud Flair.

    Either way, I finally gave up and stayed away from Vivaldi for about an hour. When I tried getting on Vivaldi again, I was finally able to do so, but I sense something still isn't fully cooperating.

    So, unfortunately, your 1st post might have fallen victim to whatever was causing those major problems this morning.

    Keep in mind … Vivaldi is only in Beta status right now. So, issues are still in the process of being ironed out.

  • Thanks, hopefully I will get this blog status soon in my profile. I´ll continue with my blogs and see how it goes.

  • His post doesn't appear under his blog … it is here:


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