Nuova Snapshot 1.15.1089.3

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    E via con il nuovo ramo 1.15. Vivaldi 1.15 begins – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.15.1089.3
    Per il momento nessuna novità succulenta, ci sono miglioramenti sulle Note, Schermo intero e versione ARM.

    Known issues
    [Fullscreen] Panels are not hidden in fullscreen mode VB-37039

    [Regression] Home page loss in 1.14 stable: added migration for the homepage preference VB-35435
    [Regression] Command to quit Vivaldi doesn’t work when a settings window VB-36386
    [Regression] Clicking a link while there is a popup window redirects the popup window VB-34567
    [Regression] Blank page on open in new tab on some sites VB-36982
    [Win] Session lost when restarting Vivaldi before the existing process has fully exited: added “Vivaldi is exiting” dialog VB-28359
    [Linux] Add ARM64 builds
    [Keyboard] Handle duplicate shortcuts more gracefully VB-5535
    [Notes] Add Markdown code highlighting and style improvements VB-21043
    [Notes] Support display of Todo in notes Markdown: without saved state VB-36974
    [Quick commands] Always open pages in new tab VB-28863
    [Fullscreen] Panel gets in broken state VB-24162
    [Fullscreen] F8 should show the address field when in chrome less or fullscreen modes VB-34820
    [Fullscreen] Show hidden address bar on Ctrl+L VB-15403
    Should use page title when creating desktop shortcut via drag to desktop VB-18811
    Various issues with closing of a settings window VB-29091
    Popup windows with long titles overlap window controls VB-35897

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    provata ieri ma non risolve il mio problema, ma almeno ora so che ci stanno lavorando...

    dai che eolie non mi dispiace, ma vivaldi è un'altra cosa :P

  • Moderator

    Björgvin ha correto il file solo dopo questa snapshot. :)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    ottimo allora...sapete com'è io poi quando mi affeziono sono nostalgico :P

  • @luca247 vai con la 1.15.1090.3
    [Linux] Pinned icon (GNOME favorites) does not start Vivaldi (VB-36741)

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