Option to Keep Tab Stacks with Only One Tab

  • I would really like a setting to keep a tab stack open even if it drops down to having only one open tab.

    There are a number of situations where I find myself opening a whole bunch of tabs off a single "search" tab, giving the tab stack a name (e.g. "Bug Triage" or "Vivaldi Feature Requests I Want to Upvote" 😉 ), and slowly going through them over time.

    The problem is, sometimes the set of tabs I haven't gone through yet drops to zero—I've finished going through all the bugs, or all the awesome feature requests, and I'm ready to go back to my "search" tab for more. The moment I close the last non-search tab, however, the tab stack goes away (and the search tab becomes just a tab). So when I open the next set of tabs off of the search, I have to re-create and re-name the tab stack again.

    I'd like to be able to skip this extra step and just keep the existing tab stack, even if it only has one tab, until I explicitly un-stack it.


  • Kind of related to this other suggestion

  • @thinkingdes Yes, if the user has taken such overt action, like naming the stack, then it should be a full-fledged entity and not a transient, just-happens-to-be-there tab stack that gets auto-demoted.


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