The first two sites I used with the new version didn't work as expected

  • I've been spoofing as Opera 12 since I stopped using Opera 12 and switched to Vivaldi, but when I updated a couple of days ago (to 1.14.1077.41 (Stable channel) (32-bit)) the black bar has vanished (which was why I was using 'Chrome UA Spoofer'). Not having the news and maps in the black bar is a total pain.

    The next site was BBC Weather, which looks totally wrong.

    I've checked both these in Chrome and both work as expected (using the Spoofer for the black bar and the weather normally).

    Is this just me, or is there a formatting issue? I might have to go back a version.

  • user agent extensions do not work anymore, apparently.

  • Moderator

    The extension API webrequest is broken in Vivaldi.
    VB-37091 "chrome.webRequest.onBeforeSendHeaders fails"

    Many extension injecting/changing HTTP headers fail.

    It is important and i know it is on the Vivaldi devs ToDo list.


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