[Snapshot 1.15] Maximal contrast crash the browser

  • I was messing up with my Vivaldi options in latest snapshot, and decided to set a maximal contrast, just to see what would be the result. Vivaldi stopped working. Fortunately, I could restore my browser using my 1.13 stable browser.

    I made a gif :
    text alternatif

  • @goldnoway jep - same for me. I posted this in the blog where the launch of 1.15 was announced. May I ask how you restored your settings with your 1.13?

  • @zaibon By using the same "User Data" folder, with a soft link.

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    Bug is already internally reported.
    VB-37136 "Contrast Adjustment crashes settings page"
    And internally fixed 1 hr ago.

  • Doh! I just did the same thing in the latest snapshot 1.15.1089.3, only it happened when switching from "No Modifications" to "Medium (WCAG AA)".

    Obviously I can't see anything except a fullscreen Vivaldi logo now, so I cant reset the setting from the GUI. Killing all Vivaldi processes and restarting has no effect, still only see the logo.

    Is there a settings file I can edit to reset this setting to the "No Modifications" default and get my GUI back. Specifically which settings file and string/value am I looking for?

    I do have a fairly recent backup, but I would like to avoid restoring the entire User Data folder if possible, so if I can just get the name of the file where this setting is stored, that would help too.

    Nevermind. I found the file by searching for the word contrast. It's:
    C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Local App Settings\mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli\000049.log

    Weird that a settings file has a .log extension, but whatever. Restored that file from a recent backup and the GUI is back and the setting is back to "No Modifications".

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    That will be fixed in next 1.15 Snapshot. Bug is already fixed in internal 1.15 Soprano.

  • Hi, it crash on Linux too and be careful, it compromise my profile.
    Vivaldi snapshot cant start again even after restart system, had to rename the profile folder.

    Cheers, mib

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    [mod] Moved to 'All platforms'.


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