ESC doesn't stop loading pages…

  • do you know if it is possible to set it as a shortcut key for STOP? newscpq

  • you should use the X button in the uppper of browser not esc key

  • 🙂 I don't have a mouse, and slapping the keyboard with my hand is reaaally faster than triggering a cursor over a small part of the UI…

  • It's still not working. AFTER 4 years of reporting it...
    When I accidentally click a link(because of my hand slips on the mouse) I immediately can start rapidly hitting the ESC key, and it has no effect. The navigation will be completed as it should....It would take more time to move the mouse cursor to the toolbar to click on the stop button, and in that time my webpage would be a blank or a half loaded new one.
    Please make it work like in Opera.

  • @pycur it actually works for me but maybe you're experiencing this on some site in particular?
    Settings/Keyboard/Page/Stop Loading should be associated with Esc

  • Moderator

    I can confirm this, while the page is loading (you can see it in adressbar the upcounting bytes) it does not stop.

  • I've just updated to the newest, and I can say I can now try to stop the loading, but not at any point. It sometimes stops, it sometimes starts to load the new page, maybe because of a good ping, and it then half loads the new page, after that stops to my command.....strange.
    It almost works but needs some fine tune.

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    That is a old issue.
    The bug was reported as VB-21896 "[Regression] Esc does not stop loading a page"


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