Allowing function button and dropdown button on the web panel toolbar

  • I always see the special vertical webpanel toolbar and panel as a handy quick under writing layer hidden generaly with the web page above, and occasionaly quietly opened to be a multi-tool of the current page and also of the main interface.

    In this way, buttons with function (you click on them and that make operation and don't open panel) should be too on this webpanel toolbar which becomes a general toolbar according to the user will.
    These function buttons could have dropdown menu/bubble to show more other function buttons. These bubble would appear when you mousehover over the first one.

    With this feature, a lot of common troubles would find a particular solution :

    • The navigation bar would not be always shown whereas you don't use it a lot ; and this navigation is not very useful with rockergestures
    • The extension bar which always become more and more large would be sum up with a bubble ; you don't often need these icons
    • The special page feature bar into the right part of the statusbar could be inserted into the vertical bar so far the users who want to hide the statusbar can do without losing these quickaccess buttons


    • Function button among webpanel button : ex. home button
    • Function button with dropdown menu
    • Examples for navigation bar, statusbar, extension bar

  • It is a pretty good idea, especially because it is much more doable compared to You have my vote! :)

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