Allowing Function and Dropdown Button on the Panel Toolbar

  • I always see the special vertical web panel toolbar and panel as a handy quick under writing layer hidden generally with the web page above, and occasionally quietly opened to be a multi-tool of the current page and also of the main interface.

    In this way, buttons with function (you click on them and that make operation and don't open panel) should be too on this web panel toolbar which becomes a general toolbar according to the user will.
    These function buttons could have dropdown menu/bubble to show more other function buttons. This bubble would appear when you hover the mouse over the first one.

    With this feature, a lot of common troubles would find a particular solution :

    • The navigation bar would not be always shown whereas you don't use it a lot ; and this navigation is not very useful with rocker gestures
    • The extension bar which always become more and more large would be sum up with a bubble ; you don't often need these icons
    • The special page feature bar into the right part of the status bar could be inserted into the vertical bar so far the users who want to hide the status bar can do without losing these quick access buttons


    • Function button among web panel button : ex. home button
    • Function button with dropdown menu
    • Examples for navigation bar, status bar, extension bar

  • It is a pretty good idea, especially because it is much more doable compared to You have my vote! 🙂

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    @Seasonly I see a conflict with putting the Home button on the Panel Toolbar. The Panel Toolbar also has a home button and navigation buttons in the web panel. These provide different functions to the web page navigation buttons on the address bar.

    0_1544726780490_Panel Toolbar.png

  • @Pesala
    I don't think so much. The menu which you are talking is into the opened window panel itself whereas this one is onto the toolbar. I even think that this menu should be the first one onto the bar (freely every user could move it with a configurable toolbar). And even that some could really think that this is ambiguous, a light variation of the set of the icon can definitly solve this.

  • Considering the current panel toolbar like a general and common toolbar means that at least three kinds of button could be (and each could be part of a drop down button even panels) :

    • Panel which becomes a simple bubble, a window, a dropdown menu window
    • Function buttons like the current button from navigation or status bar
    • Bookmark links as a special function button, look this feature

    May some subicon like dot, arrow, square... could differences quickly each button types. A full background color or just a part of this background could be also a solution.

  • This could make folders like suggested here : Folder for Web Panel .

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