Refine Settings UX and hierarchy / toggle sections

  • In some settings sections unchecking first checkbox make all of the following options in same section non-appliable.


    • why have checkbox with caption that doubles section caption?
    • why not move this checkbox to section header?


    I understand that it may affect searching.
    I think that this element requires discussion.

  • This is a flagship example of redundancy:


    It really reminds me this:


    Why not just like on picture below?...


    Settings UX need to be refined

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    @ROTFL You're right. In the original language, there are quite the same titles. My point is that this problem would solve a simple word change.

    I usually change or remove words in my own language.
    For example: The main name Window Background Image, I removed the word Image and left only "Window Background" <-- So this is the name for the all settings to adjusting the images in the background of the window.

    And for the separate selection of the image or turning on/off this function, I left the original name.


    Maybe would be good, talk about this with @Shpankov.

  • @cheve11e_191 said in Refine Settings UX and hierarchy / Toggle Sections:

    @ROTFL My point is that this problem would solve a simple word change.

    Uhm... Yes and no...


    • there are way too many similar / repeated captions, especially in case when sub-section or item has same label as section
    • it could be considered if unchecking "master" checkbox should affect (= disable) whole group/section if this group/section could not be applied then
    • there should be no checkbox labels starting with "Enable..." - once it was changed by V-team but now we have inconsistency after new features had been added (it is also discouraged by UX best practices)
    • checkboxes named like "Show <section/subsection title here>" should be maybe rethinked too?...

    less repetitions / fewer labels = less tings to read = a bit more clear window = easier to scan with eye

    I don't know if there is some more clever ways to resolve this than adding toggle capabilities to section captions like on Android:


    Yes, I know that there are group of UX guys don't like toggles... So... why not checkboxes?...

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    @rotfl Wow, we have a dedicated section for translators, but these things must pass through Feature Requests forum and gain sufficient amount of votes to be accepted (when it's even not much realistic it will ever happen, as it's not so popular to get hundreds of votes). That's strange... and shame. 😕

    I understand that it may affect searching.

    I think it could be possible to add some hidden keywords or description that will help with searching but will not negatively affect the UX.
    The hidden keyword, in my opinion, would be good also in Quick Commands (F2). Look, we have languages with word inflection and I've already seen people requesting ability to search in nominative, as they sometimes search for in nominative and because of that they're confused, as they will not get all requested results.

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    I think you're missing the point. One is a section heading, the other is a subsection heading. Checkboxes don't belong after a section heading.

    Windows Background Image

    Windows Background Image — Background Image Options

    IMO there is not much mileage in specific feature requests like this. This is the GUI designer's job to make each category in Settings consistent with all of the others such as:


    Panel Position — Panel Options


  • @Pesala So You can partially treat this thread as a reminder to improve Settings consistency.
    Example: search for note about VB-21073 here and check current content of vivaldi://settings (I was the source of this request in 2016 too)

    Yes, this is something for UI devs but I understand the cause - there were more than one person involved in creating this.

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