Ability to move tab from incognito window to normal one

  • I'd like it even if it will require relogging on websites (or other disadvantages)
    Sometimes it's just about series of addresses on single tab.

  • This feature would be automatic if private tabs were implemented. Since a moved tab could keep all site context no relogin would be required.

  • I just care about "history" (backward / forward list) for this certain tab

  • If private browsing is implemented in an anywhere near sane approach it should be close to impossible for a tab in a private context to gain access to non-private resources.
    So moving a tab form a private window (with restrictions placed on website context etc.) to a normal one where tabs have access to global resources would be impossible at a very low implementation level.

    Were there an isolation that allows private tabs to reside next to normal ones inside the same (normal) window there should be no limitations placed on how and where to a single tab is moved.

    Currently to move a privat tab to a regular window one would need to peel a private tabs history and ramm it into a (new) regular one.
    Which requires at least 3 not-to-be-crossed logic boundaries and you lose the current site state (content, cookies, websockets, JavaScript context, …) which requires a page reload under (vastly) different browser environment conditions. And loosing cookies will probably break functionality for many pages in the tabs history.


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