January: a month of new beginnings on the Vivaldi forum

  • Community Manager

    In this strong month for the Vivaldi community, we laid the ground for 2018. Here we help you catch up with the most discussed topics at the start of the year.

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  • a prominent member of our volunteer community met with Jon

    ... teehee. I'm taking the Sgt Schultz defence on this one. 😉

  • Moderator

    I like the notification changes, instead of appending all the new notification on the same message, now they are sending based on the topic title, which is much better.
    The new design of Feature Request Forum is pretty good, auto intuitive e easy to manage.

  • It's always a pleasure to see how much you actually care about Vivaldi users. Sure there are complaints from the community from time to time, but never have you failed us, and you never leave important questions unanswered. Plus, you manage to have a good communication for users of each technical level : sometimes you explain simply some basic features for the most inexperienced of us, some other times you get really technical to answer the needs of the geekiest of us. It's truly satisfying to feel being a part of a community and nobody is left behind.
    So congratulations again on all the work you do, and I wish you the best for the decades to come 🙂

  • Oh, my comment has been acknowledged, very nice. 🙂

    I'm looking forward to drinking my first Vivaldi coffee.


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