Enable/disable extensions directly from the address bar

  • If you run a lot of extensions and use them at different times/in different circumstances, it would be handy to be able to quickly enable/disable and show/hide them from the address bar's extensions icon container. Many users just let their extensions run, even if they don't use them, which adds to the memory consumption of Vivaldi. Opening the extensions page for this is a detour which takes too much time and too many clicks.

    This could be implemented as additional right click menu options. Optionally it would make sense to be able to reload extensions in the same way -- helpful for developers.

  • Not perfect, but a possible solution to add vivaldi://extensions/ to webpanels (as I learned in the past days) - but icons for all extensions would be better.


  • @bimlas Incidentally we discussed this in the forums not long ago. Adding the extensions page as webpanel is not a good solution, because if you are running a lot of extensions, you potentially have a lot of scrolling to do. The point is to be able to do this quickly and without too much effort.

  • The solution in my mind is to make a general extension menu on webpanel as suggested before, but it would not be a webpanel, but a classic function button whose hovering with mouse would show in bubble the extension icons currently listed in the main toolbar.
    This needs for developpers to progress their interface :

    • web panel toolbar is a general toolbar with also buttons that have only function and no panel
    • make mousehovering allowable on this toolbar
    • make bubble that is only the common drop menu that we knows on toolbars whereever

  • In the meantime, this functionality can be achieved with an extension

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    A guy here in V forum told me about Switcher. It is really handy and it would be great if we have something similar built in natively.

  • @sjudenim said in Enable/disable extensions directly from the address bar:

    In the meantime, this functionality can be achieved with an extension

    Is it possible to "include" extensions into V as native functions? Maybe the dev might agree... :)

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    an extension panel would be interesting to it

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