Hibernating / unloading web panels content

  • As I understand once I open webpanel it's content is held in memory.

    I'd like to have something to kill / hibernate webpanel(s).
    Something different than task manager.

    Having both manual & automatic mode will be nice 🙂

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    My little headache cause I have 5 of them and sometimes I am not using that page then I have to go to task manager to kill it.

  • It would be great to have this, hibernate webpanels. Perhaps a toggle for each panel where you can choose if it to hibernates when its not open, or to set it to never hibernate.

  • I would like a Hibernate button alongside the back/ forward/ home/ reload buttons.

  • I would love an option to hibernate web panels. Right now, I have one web panel that consumes 277 MB, that's quite a lot. If I could hibernate it until I need it again, that would be nice.

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    This would be useful for when I open a new window. I usually only use panels in my "main" window, but if one is open then it also get opened when I create a new window. I would like to be able to close these and unload them.

  • This is why I don't use web panels ... too much memory usage.

  • Good idea if it doesn't mean to be default and the only behavior. Currently all of my web panels is meant to be in memory (like online radio and email with new mail notifications).

  • Please we need it

  • This is why I don't use panels either. Once I noticed this, it was a no brainier. Having background sites constantly running, using bandwidth and memory, no go.

  • Voted for this, but maybe this workaround will help in the meantime? I have 20+ web panels and use them all the time since noticing, without having to keep any of them open.

    Right-click any empty part of the edge (the red-circled area in the screen clip), and toggle them open and closed from the context menu. I find it really easy, and it solved the problem for me. (Ymmv, of course.)

    It's the same list as you get when you right-click the icon of an open panel, mouse down to the end of that context menu, and hover over "Panels". But a smidge quicker and simpler.

    Another advantage: the context-menu list scrolls, so you can have a lot more web panels available to you than will actually fit on the edge.


  • @Inclement I know you are trying to help with a workaround, but I don't find it to be a very good option. Closing the web panel makes it completely invisible now. It's really no different than opening a tab and then closing it, I suppose. It's simply gone now.

    Opening/closing tabs for this purpose is preferable because there are several ways to quickly close a tab and open a bookmarked tab via keyboard shortcuts/quick commands and nickname matches, etc.

    Opening/closing panels is a bit clutsy, in my opinion.

    Thank you, though ... some people may like your workaround. 🙂

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    I would also like to have that feature.

    like everybody says web panels consuming the sources much needed. especially, if you keep vivaldi open for 8+ hours and browse, during that time memory usage getting worse. in my system vivaldi opens with 130mb in the end I find it consuming 675mb, close to 700mb or more sometimes + if I have 10-15 web panels it's not killing me, but it's creating some performance problems.

    I use web panels for listening radio station, messaging, and for some news reading like twitter, the guardian etc. maybe developers can create some specific web panel options if that makes sense, or doable...

    for example; I listen a radio station, so I added their live stream link to my web panel, but this means that web panel is loading the whole page in order for me to listen that radio station. but, it's only a streaming link, so I'm thinking that there must be a better way to open this stream link in web panel without loading the whole page. and, I believe this can be done if vivaldi can create a built-in interface for this kind of specific usage. and, maybe this can save some memory usage? this also may be possible for instant messaging etc. (?) or it's too much work?

    we definitely need more control over web panels. maybe task manager can help with that, if it's possible to add some extra control options in task manager. theres only end process button there.

  • @ROTFL said in Hibernating / unloading web panels content:

    I'd like to have something to kill / hibernate webpanel(s).

    That is available in the Web Panel Actions mod. It creates a toolbar with controls for many useful actions like: zoom, find in page, invert colors, mute, and everyone's desired terminate panel. Just double click the terminate button to kill the panel. Then use the home button or refresh when you want to load it again.

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