Request Contacts importing and syncing

  • I'm not sure if importing contacts is a planned feature or not but if it is not I would to be able to import conttocts from popular web services like google, yahoo, directly by providing my login information or by importing a contacts file exported from that service. Also I would do not like needing to maintain multiple lists of contacts for different web services but would like to be able to have a central place to stare my contacts. My phone and tablet use google because they are android and i'm already using google contacts in most places so the natural selection is for google contacts to be my central place but other popular sites should be an option for those not using google contacts like yahoo, microsoft, apple, and maybe even the less popular Rather than just importing the contacts be able to provide my login information and have the contacts page in vivaldi show contacts from google directly or at least sync with that service automatically when online.

  • I agree. I'm pretty ready to switch over, this'd keep me here.

  • Moderator

    I expect this to come on the heels of the implementation of email within Vivaldi.

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