Advanced syncing rules / categories

  • It's just a bunch of free thoughts.
    It's all about working on some groups / categories of devices:

    • home workstations
    • workplace workstations
    • [future] mobile devices

    People who use many devices will understand 😉

    There are some things that I'd like to achieve

    1. In some cases I'd like to have bookmarks flagged "do not sync"
      For example stuff under company policy.
      Or links that work / are used only on one device.

    2. I'd like to have some categories or tags for bookmarks / notes. Like:

      • stuff I need only in my workplace
      • private family stuff I don't like to see on my company notebook
      • [future] links that I don't like to be visible on my phone

    In old Opera there was one tiny mechanism.
    There was separate folder on root level dedicated for Opera Mini. And Opera Mini bookmarks have been limited to content of this single folder.
    I'd like to have something similar but more flexible / on bigger scale.

  • Adding to this list: Requesting the ability to switch between / open a new window for additional synced accounts like Chrome can do. I use Vivaldi for work and thus can't use it for personal browsing without mixing data between the two datasets.

  • @hattmaker Did You mean profiles? 🙂

  • I too care deeply about this. But syncing also might work as backing up the data. Personally I would still want to sync very private things but with another layer of end-to-end encryption so that I don't lose this data and I still can have access to sensitive work data on personal device or sensitive personal data on work device, be it behind another password.

    Though it would somewhat be handled in password protected profile, if the team implements it with proper encryption.


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