Tab profiles (short term: referrer flag per tab)

  • To my knowledge at the moment the only option disable referrer headers globally on application start by passting --no-referrers on command line.

    While this increases user privacy and most sites have no problem, there are exceptions (like this forum) which do not work (correctly) without referrer headers.

    Since the referrer flag is passed via command line to render processes it may be possible to make this a changeable global option in the parent process and added to a renderer's argument list. This way a tab retains referrer settings from the time of its creation.

    A nice (long-term) solution would be to allow user defined tab profiles applied to new tabs on creation with private tab being a (predefined) setting as soon as this feature lands in chrome/vivaldi.
    File → New Tab → <profilename>

    Useful tab (privacy/security) profile settings (some might require zygote adaption)
    cookies: global store / delete on tab close
    local file access: on/off
    network access: on/localnet/localhost/off (or netmask whitelist; fd00::/64 ::1/128)
    flags: [ additional free form command line arguments passed to render process ]

    Underlying code might have strong reuse potential with restricted webviews to display HTML content in M3, especially for a preview which emulates a receiver's mail client features.

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