Tab Profiles (Restrictions)

  • Allow user defined tab profiles applied to new tabs on creation.
    File → New Tab → <profilename>.

    tab resource possible option/restriction
    cookies off / global store / delete on tab (group) close
    referrer policy disable / reduced (override site specific)
    local file access on/off
    fixed viewport as applied by Tor Browser to circumvent fingerprinting (reuse tab tiling code?)
    network access on/localnet/localhost/off (or netmask whitelist; fd00::/64 ::1/128)
    flags [ additional free form command line arguments passed to render process ]

    Some features might require zygote adaption or improvements to Chromium data storage.

  • The backend may have strong reuse potential for restricted webviews to display HTML content in M3.
    Even for a preview which emulates a receiver's mail environment.

    With enough options implemented, it can fulfil the requirements for private tabs via a specific predefined profile.


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