Toggle to hide/show the last used panel, and not the sidebar

  • Nomenclature used(to be as clear as possible):
    Sidebar: the bar on side containing the icons for showing/hiding the panels
    Panel: The panel that shows when one of the icons is clicked
    Toggle: The thin area on the screen edge which upon clicking hides the (sidebar+panel)

    Can it be made such that clicking the toggle only hides/shows the last used panel, without hiding the sidebar

    I am an ex-user of all-in-one sidebar (firefox), which is not compatible with Quantum. It works this way and I find it more useful.

  • @nimanyu
    At least via keyboard shortcuts this is already possible.

    Go to: Settings --> Keyboard --> open the section "View" --> scroll down to "Web Panel 1" --> assign a shortcut that suits you

    Now when you hit the shortcut it will open the sidebar and the first panel - when you hit the shortcut again it will close the panel but the sidebar will be still there.

    There are also shortcuts for switching through the panels - in case you're more of a keyboard user in general.

    To show those shortcuts just hit "Ctrl + F1" and type panel in the search to get shown all shortcuts for the panel.

    But yes a customisable togglebutton would be nice

  • It can be done by assigning shortcuts to each panel in Settings, Keyboard, View. I assigned 1,2,3 etc., to mine, but this does not work as a toggle if the panel has a text entry field focused on opening like the History Panel. One could use Ctrl+1, etc., to avoid this problem. F4 will toggle the last used panel, while hiding the panel toolbar.

    0_1517566327223_Panel Shortcuts.png


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